Best Books of the Week

Agile Artificial Intelligence in Pharo
by Alexandre Bergel
407 Pages · 2020 · 7.6 MB · 1,020 Downloads · New!
Cover classical algorithms commonly used as artificial intelligence techniques and program agile artificial intelligence applications using Pharo. This book takes a practical approach by presenting the implementation details to illustrate the numerous concepts it explains.
Ensemble Learning for AI Developers
by Alok Kumar
136 Pages · 2020 · 3.2 MB · 4,483 Downloads · New!
Ensemble Learning for AI Developers starts you at the beginning with an historical overview and explains key ensemble techniques and why they are needed. You then will learn how to change training data using bagging, bootstrap aggregating, random forest models, and cross-validation methods. Authors Kumar and Jain provide best practices to guide you in combining models and using tools to boost performance of your machine learning projects. They teach you how to effectively implement ensemble concepts such as stacking and boosting and to utilize popular libraries such as Keras, Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Microsoft LightGBM. Tips are presented to apply ensemble learning in different data science problems, including time series data, imaging data, and NLP. Recent advances in ensemble learning are discussed. Sample code is provided in the form of scripts and the IPython notebook.
Moving from Unity to Godot
by Alan Thorn
273 Pages · 2020 · 11.1 MB · 1,614 Downloads · New!
Godot is a completely free game engine for creating high-quality 2D and 3D games that can be launched on multiple platforms. You’ll see how to transition seamlessly from Unity to Godot, getting up and running quickly and effectively, using practical case studies. In addition to building functional worlds from meshes and physical interactions, you’ll work with reusable assets, such as textures.
The Modern Data Warehouse in Azure
by Matt How
282 Pages · 2020 · 9.6 MB · 2,197 Downloads · New!
Gone are the days when data warehousing projects were lumbering dinosaur-style projects that took forever, drained budgets, and produced business intelligence (BI) just in time to tell you what to do 10 years ago. This book will show you how to assemble a data warehouse solution like a jigsaw puzzle by connecting specific Azure technologies that address your own needs and bring value to your business. You will see how to implement a range of architectural patterns using batches, events, and streams for both data lake technology and SQL databases. You will discover how to manage metadata and automation to accelerate the development of your warehouse while establishing resilience at every level. And you will know how to feed downstream analytic solutions such as Power BI and Azure Analysis Services to empower data-driven decision making that drives your business forward toward a pattern of success.
Beginning Apache Spark Using Azure Databricks
by Robert Ilijason
274 Pages · 2020 · 2.8 MB · 2,243 Downloads · New!
Analyze vast amounts of data in record time using Apache Spark with Databricks in the Cloud. Learn the fundamentals, and more, of running analytics on large clusters in Azure and AWS, using Apache Spark with Databricks on top. Discover how to squeeze the most value out of your data at a mere fraction of what classical analytics solutions cost, while at the same time getting the results you need, incrementally faster.
Articulate Storyline Essentials
by Ashley Chiasson
180 Pages · 2015 · 8.8 MB · 4,374 Downloads · New!
Storyline is a powerful e-learning authoring tool that allows you to take your creativity to the next level and easily author your own stories. It helps you to leverage built-in development functions to quickly create interactive and engaging e-learning experiences.
Django Standalone Apps
by Ben Lopatin
183 Pages · 2020 · 2.5 MB · 1,841 Downloads · New!
Develop standalone Django apps to serve as the reusable building blocks for larger Django projects. This book explores best practices for publishing these apps, with special considerations for testing Django apps, and strategies for extracting existing functionality into a separate package.
Thinking in Pandas
by Hannah Stepanek
197 Pages · 2020 · 2.3 MB · 1,475 Downloads · New!
Understand and implement big data analysis solutions in pandas with an emphasis on performance. This book strengthens your intuition for working with pandas, the Python data analysis library, by exploring its underlying implementation and data structures.
SAS Stored Processes
by Philip Mason
338 Pages · 2020 · 11.2 MB · 3,690 Downloads · New!
Customize the SAS Stored Process web application to create amazing tools for end users. This book shows you how to use stored processes―SAS programs stored on a server and executed as required by requesting applications.
Modern Data Mining Algorithms in C++ and CUDA C
by Timothy Masters
237 Pages · 2020 · 2.3 MB · 1,559 Downloads · New!
Discover a variety of data-mining algorithms that are useful for selecting small sets of important features from among unwieldy masses of candidates, or extracting useful features from measured variables.