Best Books of the Week

Networking For Dummies, 12th Edition
by Doug Lowe
480 Pages · 2020 · MB · 1,681 Downloads · New!
Fully revised to cover Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, this new edition of the trusted Networking For Dummies helps both beginning network administrators and home users to set up and maintain a network. Updated coverage of broadband and wireless technologies, as well as storage and back-up procedures, ensures that you’ll learn how to build a wired or wireless network, secure and optimize it, troubleshoot problems, and much more.
Delphi Quick Syntax Reference
by John Kouraklis
119 Pages · 2020 · 1.3 MB · 2,168 Downloads · New!
The Delphi Quick Syntax Reference is a succinct code and syntax reference guide to Delphi. It presents the fundamental knowledge to get newcomers started with the language and provides a refresher to seasoned or returning Delphi developers.
Beginning Jakarta EE Web Development, 3rd Edition
by Giulio Zambon, Luciano Manelli
407 Pages · 2020 · 7.5 MB · 4,601 Downloads · New!
Start building Java-based web applications now, even if you’re a complete newcomer to Java. Comprehensive and example-driven, this book is all you need to develop dynamic Java-based web applications using JSP, connect to databases with JSF, and put them into action using the popular open source Java web server, Apache Tomcat.
Basic Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks
by Philip Kirkbride
386 Pages · 2020 · 19.1 MB · 3,628 Downloads · New!
Learn command line tricks, programs, and hacks you can use day to day as a Linux user, programmer, and system administrator. When you interact with the digital world, you can’t go far without interacting with Linux systems. This book shows you how to leverage its power to serve your needs.
Practical Hexo
by Alex Libby
276 Pages · 2020 · 7.2 MB · 2,152 Downloads · New!
Leverage the power of Hexo to quickly produce static blog sites that are efficient and fast. This project-oriented book simplifies the process of setting up Hexo and manipulating content, using little more than a text editor and free software. It will equip you with a starting toolset that you can use to develop future projects, incorporate into your existing workflow and allow you to take your websites to the next level.
Advanced Python Development
by Matthew Wilkes
627 Pages · 2020 · 7.9 MB · 4,607 Downloads · New!
This book builds on basic Python tutorials to explain various Python language features that aren’t routinely covered: from reusable console scripts that play double duty as micro-services by leveraging entry points, to using asyncio efficiently to collate data from a large number of sources. Along the way, it covers type-hint based linting, low-overhead testing and other automated quality checking to demonstrate a robust real-world development process.
VR Integrated Heritage Recreation
by Abhishek Kumar
348 Pages · 2020 · 13.2 MB · 3,207 Downloads · New!
Create assets for history-based games. This book covers the fundamental principles required to understand and create architectural visualizations of historical locations using digital tools. You will explore aspects of 3D design visualization and VR integration using industry-preferred software.
Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners
by Slobodan Dmitrovic
323 Pages · 2020 · 3 MB · 4,824 Downloads · New!
Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners is the C++ language, programming, and computer science book that covers in detail C++ for newbies. Slobodan Dmitrovic is the author of this fascinating book. It is an ultimate guide that covers each and everything for the beginners. This book brings an opportunity to learn the programming language in the easiest way. Learn about the C++ Standard Library, C++ programming language, and modern concepts of C++. It is a complex language when you did not understand the concepts. Slobodan makes it easy, elegant, and sleek for the beginners.
Microservices Security in Action
by Prabath Siriwardena
616 Pages · 2020 · 21.3 MB · 3,707 Downloads · New!
After a straightforward introduction to the challenges of microservices security, the book covers fundamentals to secure both the application perimeter and service-to-service communication. Following a hands-on example, readers explore how to deploy and secure microservices behind an API gateway as well as how to access microservices accessed by a single-page application (SPA).
Practical User Research
by Emmanuelle Savarit
293 Pages · 2020 · 7.3 MB · 2,363 Downloads · New!
Explore how User Research has been influenced over the years by a range of disciplines, such as HCI, usability, anthropology, cognitive psychology, ergonomics etc. This book aims to contribute to the User Research community and covers topics that will help UX professionals, students and stakeholders to gain a better understanding of what User Research is.