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Ali Cross

Ali Cross

by James Patterson
320 Pages · 2019 · 6  MB · 3,448 Downloads · New!
" You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” ― Wayne Gretzky
A Dark and Twisted Tide
by Sharon Bolton
704 Pages · 2014 · 2  MB · 4,244 Downloads · New!
A Dark and Twisted Tide is the mystery, suspense, redemption, murder, thriller and fiction novel which plots the story of a girl who finds a dead body in the river. Sharon Bolton is the author of this classic novel. Lacey Flint is the prominent character of the story. Lacey moved a few months ago in River Thames where she lives in the houseboat. She left her town after the death of her parents. Lacey is now enjoying living with the weird riverboat community of London. Lacey does not know how to swim but now she is taking classes.
After the Storm
by Linda Castillo
320 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 1,899 Downloads · New!
After the Storm is the suspense, mystery, thriller, fiction and romantic novel which plot the story of a police detective. Linda Castillo is the author of this remarkable novel. Painter Mill provides the most suitable apartments for the rich people and they took care of all of the customer’s needs. Kate Burkholder is the young Chief of Police who decided to have a night stay in the apartment of Painter Mill’s. She is pretty satisfied with their facilities until she finds something suspicious.
After We Fell
by Anna Todd
849 Pages · 2014 · 4 MB · 4,510 Downloads · New!
After We Fell is the teen, romance, thriller, fiction and redemption novel that draws the story of a young girl who is going through a hard time in her life. Anna Todd is the author of this tremendous novel. Tessa and Hardin are the central characters of the story. Tessa’s life torn apart after she tells everyone about her boyfriend. She knows that a girl like her never meant to fall in love with bad guys. Tessa has goals to achieve and future to build but it is not happening when she is with someone like Hardin.
And Then She Was GONE
by Christopher Greyson
202 Pages · 2016 · 1 MB · 3,220 Downloads · New!
And Then She Was GONE is the mystery, redemption, fiction, thriller, suspense and romantic novel that describes the story of a detective and a missing woman. Christopher Greyson is the author of this classic novel. Stacy Shaw and Jack are the main protagonist in the novel. Stacy is a thirty-year-old young woman who has everything that she once imagines in her life. She has a high profile job and a house. Stacy married a few months ago and now a new baby in on the way. One night, she was coming back home from the office and disappear. Police are trying their best to find Stacy but she is nowhere.
by Jeff VanderMeer
208 Pages · 2014 · 1 MB · 3,477 Downloads · New!
Annihilation is the amazing suspense, science fiction, thriller, and mystery novel which describe the story of the team base on women and they are heading towards the Area X. Jeff VanderMeer is the author of this outstanding novel. There is a mysterious place and it is cut off from the rest of the world. Area X is a place where nature has evidence of human civilization. The government sends the various teams to reveal the secret behind the Area X but only a few of them went alive and with empty hands of information. No one is ready to accept the challenge except this team.
Black House
by Stephen King
672 Pages · 2018 · 2.7 MB · 4,885 Downloads · New!
Black House by Stephen King is crime, mystery, thriller and fiction novel which plots the story of a small town in which gang is involved in killing children. Stephen King is the guy behind this fabulous novel. There is the small town Wisconsin which is located in French Landing. There are not considered crimes before the children tragedy. The whole town children are not safe anymore, someone is murdering children. There are few cases appears of killing children in two days. The police department is there to investigate the suspects but they are failed. They got the news about the murder of the third guy in the upcoming days and police has to stop them.