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Architecting for Scale

Architecting for Scale

by Lee Atchison
230 Pages · 2016 · 10.6 MB · 3,045 Downloads · New!
" You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” ― Wayne Gretzky
14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers
by Rocha Zeno
134 Pages · 2020 · 1 MB · 2,858 Downloads · New!
14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers is computer programming, software development, and programming tips book that contains essential tips to maximize the productivity of programmers. Rocha Zeno is the author of this impressive book. This guide contains the most popular frameworks along with the best programming languages. If you are superb in programming but still you need to avoid the bad habits to become a top developer. It does not share a straight forward formula of success and you have to follow multiple tips. Learn the best way to keep yourself up with all new technologies.
5 Unsung Tools of DevOps
by Jonathan Thurman
24 Pages · 2013 · 3.05 MB · 4,006 Downloads · New!
The tools we use play a critical role in how effective we are. In today’s ever-changing world of technology, we tend to focus on the latest and greatest solutions and overlook the simple tools that are available. Constant improvement of tools is an important aspect of the DevOps movement, but improvement doesn’t always warrant replacement.
ABAP Basics, 2nd edition
by Günther Färber
508 Pages · 2010 · 61.6 MB · 4,536 Downloads · New!
ABAP Basics is an ideal companion on your journey towards your first working SAP applications. Whether you’re already familiar with another programming language or ABAP is your first, this introduction to ABAP provides you with comprehensive and structured basics on programming business-critical software. Get to know all relevant programming concepts and methods from scratch and implement them based on a holistic, real-life example. Procedural and object-oriented language elements (ABAP Objects) are presented with step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and tried-and-tested tips. With every chapter, this book extends the sample application so that you are able to reproduce a comprehensive ABAP application with all its details.
ABAP Data Dictionary
by Tanmaya Gupta
403 Pages · 2011 · 113.59 MB · 4,525 Downloads · New!
The ABAP Data Dictionary is the central repository for data used in all ABAP-based SAP systems, and allows you to manage definitions for all object types (tables, views, types, domains, lock objects, etc.). Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this is the reference for you. You’ll learn basic background information as well as details about the specific functionality of Data Dictionary elements, both of which will help you enhance your programming skills. You will also find examples to describe each concept, and explanations that show how to solve problems based on these examples. In addition, you will find helpful tips and tricks for accomplishing both standard and complex tasks related to the Data Dictionary.
ABAP Workbench
by Abdulbasit Gülsen
341 Pages · 2012 · 77.86 MB · 3,479 Downloads · New!
Work smarter with the ABAP Workbench!
Administering ArcGIS for Server
by Hussein Nasser
246 Pages · 2014 · 18.5 MB · 3,779 Downloads · New!
ArcGIS for Server is a new technology that has been developed to bring geographically-enabled information from multiple sources into one single platform and make it available for sharing services. Server supports many types of services, and the beauty of this technology is that it has an edge over other products, as the source of information can be directly plugged into Server without the need to change or migrate the existing infrastructure.