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Atomic Attraction

Atomic Attraction

by Christopher Canwell
312 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 3,068 Downloads · New!
" You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” ― Wayne Gretzky
A Whole New Mind
by Daniel H. Pink
304 Pages · 2006 · 3.8 MB · 2,810 Downloads · New!
A Whole New Mind is the creativity, self-help and psychology book which shares the six fundamental abilities for the success in professional and personal life. Daniel H. Pink is the author of this fantastic book. He is a New York Times bestselling author which guides people to transform their lives. This time the author describes the importance of creativity in every field of life. The creative people will rule the world in upcoming days, they may be inventors, artists, storytellers or scientists etc.
How the World Sees You
by Sally Hogshead
448 Pages · 2014 · 10 MB · 4,218 Downloads · New!
How the World Sees You are the investing skills, business management, self-help personality study and psychology book which tells the secrets for success. Sally Hogshead is the author of this superb book. She became famous in the advertising profession during her early 20s. Sally was incredible in writing attractive ads that win the confidence of millions of customers. She won hundreds of awards for branding, copywriting and creativity. There is no other professional like her who become successful at an early age. She makes her impact on the industry right from the first day. Sally frequently appears in the New York Times and NBC Today. She is also chosen as Hall of Fame over her flawless services in the market.
Love That Lasts
by Jefferson Bethke
256 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 1,247 Downloads · New!
Love That Lasts is the Christian dating, love and relationship guide which tells us the true happiness of sex, marriage, and dating. Jefferson Bethke and Alyssa Bethke are the authors of this inspiring book. There are various misconceptions in the teenager about dating, love, marriage, and sex. This teenager thinks about love what they see in the movies and television shows. The majority of our young generation is inspired by pornography. They learned about sex from pornography, social media, and friends. Sex is not only an enjoyment act but it is something more than this. The divorce rate is increasing every year and people breaking up with each other just after few years.
Man Alive
by Thomas Page McBee
172 Pages · 2014 · 1 MB · 3,590 Downloads · New!
Man Alive is the self-awareness, personal transformation, self-help, and biography book that contains the secrets to living an optimal life. Thomas Page McBee is the author of this stunning book. Thomas did his best in this guide to make sure that people believe in their self and they took the charge of their life. He shares his personal story of how he able to make a change in his life. Thomas focused on two men who had a great impact on his life. Unfortunately, Thomas has an abusive father who used to beat him no matter how little situation is.
Nonviolent Communication
by Deepak Chopra, Marshall B. Rosenberg
264 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 1,630 Downloads · New!
Nonviolent Communication is interpersonal relations, personal transformation, counseling and psychology book which shares the benefits of nonviolent communication. Marshall B. Rosenberg and Deepak Chopra are the authors of this magnificent book. Violent means that acting in ways that brings nothing but harm to your personality. Violent communication means that you are bullying, judging, pointing fingers, blaming, criticizing, discriminating, finger-pointing, blaming, speaking without listening, discrimination, racism, reacting when angry, name-calling, criticizing and saying wrong words to others. This kind of communication brings nothing good into your life. Nonviolent Communication is totally opposite to violent communication.
Suspicious Minds
by Rob Brotherton
304 Pages · 2015 · 3 MB · 2,788 Downloads · New!
Suspicious Minds is the media studies, the psychology of personality, and cognitive psychology book that briefly explained the psychology behind the conspiracies. Rob Brotherton is the author of this impressive book. He is the former lecturer and a leading expert on conspiracy theories. Rob has written a lot on these theories and he knows exactly what he is written. He has written for various magazines and websites. Rob has a big fan following both the national and international levels. We all grown by listening to different conspiracies but we don’t know how they affect our minds.