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Beginning XML, 5th Edition

Beginning XML, 5th Edition

by Danny Ayers
864 Pages · 2012 · 40.2 MB · 4,663 Downloads · New!
" You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” ― Wayne Gretzky
Beginning SVG
by Alex Libby
298 Pages · 2018 · 8.5 MB · 2,511 Downloads · New!
Develop SVG functionality for use within websites quickly and natively, using basic tools such as HTML and CSS. This book is a project-oriented guide to creating and manipulating scalable vector graphics in the browser for websites or online applications, using little more than a text editor or free software, and the power of JavaScript.
Beginning XML, 4th Edition
by Andrew Watt
1080 Pages · 2007 · 10.7 MB · 3,607 Downloads · New!
So what is XML? It’s a markup language, used to describe the structure of data in meaningful ways. Anywhere that data is input/output, stored, or transmitted from one place to another, is a potential fit for XML’s capabilities. Perhaps the most well-known applications are web-related (especially with the latest developments in handheld web access—for which some of the technology is XML-based). However, there are many other non-web-based applications for which XML is useful – for example, as a replacement for (or to complement) traditional databases, or for the transfer of financial information between businesses. News organizations, along with individuals, have also been using XML to distribute syndicated news stories and blog entries.
Beginning XSLT 2.0
by Jeni Tennison
824 Pages · 2005 · 10.5 MB · 1,911 Downloads · New!
This followup to Jeni Tennison’s Beginning XSLT has been updated to accomodate the revised XSLT standard. Part one of this book introduces XML and XSLT at a comfortable pace, and gradually demonstrates techniques for generating HTML (plus other formats), from XML. In part two, Tennison applies theory to real-life XSLT capabilities – including generating graphics.
Beyond Schemas
by Jennifer Thompson
41 Pages · 2007 · 584 KB · 4,177 Downloads · New!
Have you ever wondered how to get started writing your own schema? As you prepare to create your schema, you must consider a number of factors. This guide explains each of those factors in detail and recommends an approach for documenting your schema development plan in an information model.
C# and XML Primer
by Jonathan Hartwell
86 Pages · 2017 · 3.2 MB · 4,433 Downloads · New!
Designing and Implementing Test Automation Frameworks with QTP
by Ashish Bhargava
160 Pages · 2013 · 3.66 MB · 1,745 Downloads · New!
As software testing is maturing, the focus is shifting towards test automation. The key is to learn and grow skills in framework designing and start contributing to project organization goals.